Future Leaders Programs

Jordan Mission is an independent non-governmental organisation (NGO) founded in the UK in 2010. We are dedicated in providing support to continuously improve the lives of disadvantaged children and vulnerable young adults.

We offer several training initiatives / services, to help individuals complete their education, gain crucial life skills and prepare for a career. Our objective is to work with you to understand your needs / goals and create a personalised plan aiming to reduce this gap.

Future Leaders is a program for young adults aged 18-25 based in Newham, East London. The foundation of this programme is to support young adults to further develop life skills, which would empower them to succeed in different situations, such as at work or at home.

The program is split into 12 subprograms, each focusing on a different life skill. Young adults will be able to obtain the following 'Skills for Life':

  • Self-consciousness/ Self-reflection
    Recognizes own emotional state, potential, limitations. This allows every Young adult to take responsibility for comportment and actions, without blaming.


  • Effective Communication
    Be able to effectively communicate and engage with anyone. Be able to ask questions that show understanding and be able to convey information concisely, considering the audience.


  • Self-esteem
    Feel good and have a positive sense of value. This relates closely to life satisfaction and well-being.


  • Confidence
    Have good levels of self-esteem, be willing to ask questions and be able to work with minimal support.


  • Employability
    Know how to carry oneself in diverse settings. Understands the requirements of work and different type of careers.


  • Self-efficiency
    Have belief in own ability to make things happen. Individuals with higher levels of self-efficacy are often more resilient, conscientious, and persevering.


  • Resilience
    Have determination an and ability to bounce back from setbacks.


  • Teamwork
    Works supportively, eager to negotiate and understands roles and team dynamics.
  • Problem solving
    Young adult will be capable to develop pertinent solutions while making an allowance for the impact and results of decisions on their own life, the lives of others, and community.


  • Organizational skills
    Young adult will know what is expected, be well organized to meet deadlines, and be prepared for any work.


  • Financial management
    Young adult will have an awareness of the prominence of money, be able to budget and understands basic costs involved in day-to-day living.


  • Mental Health or emotional wellbeing
    Young adult will have a state of balance in thoughts, sentiments and comportments that allows feeling good enough about life and supports ability to function entirely.

All the above programs will be carried out through the workshops and young adults would be expected to demonstrate skills problem solving, confidence, effective communication, teamwork, organization, and financial management.

Please complete their online referral form to sign up: https://forms.gle/wzUDvi1LtV97vzLW9

Service access criteria: Aged of 18-25 and living in Newham
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