Alcohol and Substance Miss-Use Support Group

Who We Are
Better Way recovery is led and supported by people who have survived active addiction and are living in recovery. Passion for recovery is in our DNA. Our drive for helping others find recovery is our primary purpose. We are the change that shows others that change is possible. All of our Trustees have been effected by addiction in one form or another, whether it be in active addiction themselves or family members of loved ones in addiction. We know the pain and devastation attached to living in that life and not knowing there is a way out. Our staff and volunteers understand the fears associated with finding recovery. Our empathy, compassion and understanding to the difficulties people go through on their journey may be the difference that person has been longing for. We will walk side by side our service users to get them to where they want to be.

Being a team player is vital to achieving this. We work with ALL the key agencies in the area including the Lichfield Council, Humankind, STARS, Local Police, Social Services, Housing Associations and the Probation Service to provide a full wraparound service to those who need it most. Our staff and volunteers are all ex-service users, so we understand and appreciate the importance of multi-agency support. Seeing agencies working together helps the service user build trust, which turns into willingness, hope and action. “I Can’t We Can” is definitely what Better Way Recovery is all about. We will never be about numbers but always about the people.


Better Way Recovery is a unique service, led and supported by ex-service users. We have a safe place to go six days a week for people who want support with their Drug or Alcohol problem. We offer a menu of solutions to help get the service user to where they want to be. We facilitate a variety of groups and one to one support delivered by people with lived experience of addiction and now recovery. Our drop in centre offers a friendly environment. There is only one requirement for attending, “The person wants to be there!”

The people leading it want to give back to society and help others on their recovery journey. Our staff and volunteers embrace working with other local key agencies to achieve our common goal, an opportunity to change people’s lives. We believe that what we are offering will have a positive impact right through the Lichfield District, bringing the community together, agencies together and most of all, families together.

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Mental health
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