The Granite Kingdom – Talk by Tim Hannigan

Join us for a talk by Tim Hannigan about The Granite Kingdom.

Cornwall is often depicted as a mysterious Celtic land, utterly distinct from everywhere else – not least Devon! But how do the ways it has been represented in literature and media, from Daniel Defoe to Daphne du Maurier to Doc Martin, and by Cornish people themselves, intersect with the real place, its landscapes and histories?

In The Granite Kingdom, Cornish author Tim Hannigan sets out on a meandering 300-mile journey on foot, from the banks of the River Tamar to his own family home near Land’s End, to find out.

In this illustrated talk, Tim shares stories from his journey and explores often misunderstood aspects of Cornish history and identity. He also touches on Cornwall’s relationship with its nearest neighbour, and reveals that the River Tamar isn’t always as hard a border as some people like to imagine.

Tim Hannigan was born in Penzance in Cornwall. He started his working life as a chef in busy Cornish restaurant kitchens, but later escaped to Southeast Asia to become a journalist and guidebook writer. He is the author of several narrative history books, including the award-winning Raffles and the British Invasion of Java, as well as The Travel Writing Tribe and The Granite Kingdom. He also studies travel writing as an academic. He has a PhD from the University of Leicester and he teaches on the Writing and Literature programme at ATU Sligo in Ireland.

The talk will take place from 2pm – 3:30pm and tickets are FREE.

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