Barter'd : Online Swap Platform

Barter’d is a free online swap platform that enables you to swap your time, skills, and items. Helping you connect with your community, get what you need without money, develop skills and recycle. 

Just create a profile, add what you have to offer, add what you want in return ,  and Barter’d does the rest. Matching you with people in your area.Your matches will appear in a list. Click on their profile to see what they have and how their wants match with your needs. To message them simply fill in the contact box and work out your trade together.

Swap tasks, trade, skills, favours or items you need. You may trade your skill at painting for an iphone,  find a solution to moving on that old laptop you can’t sell, or help someone out with their garden. What ever it is that you need, we are here to help you find a way.



Arts and creative classes
Outdoor activities
Arts organisations and events
Mental health support
Disclaimer: Please note that services on the Joy Marketplace are independent and are not necessarily endorsed by your locality/area.