Specsavers Home visits Nuneaton

At-home eye tests are very similar to the ones you would have experienced in-store, just with a few adjustments and specialist equipment to make them home-friendly. All of our visiting opticians are fully experienced in conducting eye tests at home, so you can be sure you, or someone you care for, will receive the same care and attention you’re used to. Safety remains a priority so we are following the College of Optometrists’ and NHS England's guidelines regarding PPE. 

The typical home eye test begins with your optician visiting your home on a pre-arranged day, and they will usually call an hour before to check it's still convenient. They'll then ask about your eyecare history and any problems you may be having, before carrying out an eye test with specialised equipment for use in the home. You can learn about the full eyecare at home procedure below, including the types of tests we’ll carry out.

Managing a long-term health condition
Service access criteria:

In order to be eligible for a home visit, you or someone you know might:
have a condition that stops you from leaving your home unaccompanied due to poor health, or
be living with a diagnosed mental health condition that prevents you from leaving your home without the assistance of another person, or
be housebound or bedbound due to a physical disability

Additional needs catered for:
Takes place in the client’s home
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