Children's Speech and Language Therapy

The Croydon Children’s Speech and Language Therapy (SLT) service provide speech, language, communication and eating and drinking support, for children and young people in the borough of Croydon, from birth to their 19th birthday. To access the service, children and young people must have a Croydon address and/or are registered with a Croydon GP.

The service vision is that the Speech and Language Therapy Team will minimise the impact of speech, language and communication needs (SLCN) and eating and drinking difficulties and maximise functional skills in these areas within each child’s individual potential.

Core Delivery Principles:

  • Keeping the client and their family at the centre of planning their care
  • Raising awareness of speech, language and communication needs
  • Identifying health inequalities and known risk
  • Reducing barriers to access
  • Working collaboratively with other services and providers
  • Working in an evidence based and outcomes focused structure
  • Treating service users with respect and dignity, being open and transparent about their care
  • Providing clear information on access to services

The service works to the Balanced System® supporting children, young people and their families, nurseries, schools and educational settings at a universal, targeted and specialist level in order to fulfil the service vision.  We will work in partnership with service users, their families/carers, other professionals and the general public to raise awareness and understanding of communication and eating and drinking difficulties, in order to reduce barriers that may exist for the people we serve.

Children's centres
Family support groups and organisations
Preventative services for children and young people
Youth support
Additional needs catered for:
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