Age UK I&A

Help you explore your rights, entitlements or access to other benefits.Support you to arrange lasting Powers of Attorney (Please note that the Information & Adviceis free, however our assistance to set it up would be a chargeable service).Provide training in a range of Computer Skills - from online grocery shopping to skyping theirfriends a family, information on staying safe online to scam awareness.Provide information on Community Care and Health Services - information and advice onstatutory and non-statutory Social Care Services and equipment, payments for care andsupport at home or residential care.Share information on Leisure and Social Activities across the county.Provide information on housing - including details on housing options, possible adaptationsto help you remain independent in your own home and how to help with heating costs. Be aware of Scam Awareness, Elder Abuse and Dementia Support
Consumer advice
Computers and IT skills
Legal advice
Additional needs catered for:
rights, assistance, advice, computer skills
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