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Providing a fun and interactive space for children to discover more about their health and growing up, Health for Kids offers games, animations and more that cover a wide range of topics including health, feelings, illness and getting help.

Designed specifically for primary school age children, Health for Kids is split into four worlds that children can explore to find advice and support that is tailored to suit them. The specific games area houses a selection of fun and engaging games, including Lunchbox Heroes where the aim is to create the perfect balanced and healthy lunchbox and the ever-popular Poop Shooter, where children have to clear any blockages from an overfilled stomach!

Health for Kids also provides a dedicated area for grownups, offering support, advice and information across topics that cover healthy bodies, healthy minds, health issues and getting help. Here parents and carers can discover content written by NHS professionals that explores a vast array of subjects including autism, speech and language development, common health issues and much more.

The website also benefits from a Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland local area where additional localised support services and advice can be found, alongside contact information for school nursing services for each primary school in the area.

Health advice
Midwifery and maternity services
Connecting with others
Healthy lifestyle
Mental health
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