1-1 Holistic Integrative Creative Arts Therapy

More than just an art session for fun and relaxation, H.I.C.A.T uses a combination of creative , therapeutic techniques depending on the individual's needs and preferences. Drawing, painting, sculpture, play, sound, movement, meditation and guided visualisation are used to support and improve physical and emotional health and well-being. H.I.C.A.T is holistic in it's recognition of the connection between mind, body and environment. Therapists acknowledge that every individual is different. There is no ' one size fits all approach'.

Ideas, feelings and experiences which can be difficult to talk about are explored through the creative process as individuals become empowered in discovering that they can become creators of the life they want to live. 

1-1 sessions available in person in Kent or on Zoom from anywhere.

Sessions include:

- Guided relaxation excercises

- Creative therapeutic activity designed to safely work through relevant thoughts or themes in a safe environment to achieve a different perspective

-Discussion and reflection skillfully facilitated by a qualified and insured therapist.

No artistic experience is required. Authentic self- expression is encouraged. 

Arts and creative classes
Arts and creativity
Arts organisations and events
Mental health support
Managing a long-term health condition
Mental health
Social prescribing
Service access criteria:

Adults over 18 

Bespoke packages for families available ( Family members of all ages work in a group with the therapist , in the family home ) 

1-1 sessions are tailored to needs. £35 per 90 minute session 

Group programmes run periodically on specific themes or issues. (See website for upcoming courses and programmes. ) Venues around Kent and Medway. Prices vary - see website. 

1-1 in person sessions only available in Kent and Medway . This can be in the client's home or in the therapist's home- based studio in Medway. 

Additional needs catered for:
Learning difficulty friendly
Takes place in the client’s home
mental health, coping, change, autistic, goals, relaxation, creative arts, therapy, H.I.C.A.T.
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