SEND Swimming Lessons

Fusion Lifestyle offer individual swimming lessons for children with specialist educational needs and disabilities working in partnership with Devon County Council and funded by Inovation Fund.

We will develop their swimming ability and water confidence through fun and sensory activities. The block of 6 lessons will be for 30 minutes each week and meet the needs of each individual child with teachers who have had specialist training. There will be the opportunity for parents/guardians to discuss best practice on how to support their child when swimming recreationally. 

Lessons availabe at the following Leisure Centres:

  • Dartmouth Leisure Centre
  • Ivybridge Leisure Centre
  • Meadowlands Leisure Centre (Tavistock)
  • Parklands Leisure Centre (Okehampton)
  • Quayside Leisure Centre (Kingsbridge)
  • Totnes Leisure Centre
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