North West Leicestershire Physical Activity Service

The Physical Activity Service support residents in North West Leicestershire to 'move more'. Incorporating more movement into your lifestyle can have many benefits such as improved mood, maintaining a healthy weight, improving quality of life, strengthens muscles and bones, improves posture and stability and can lead to a better nights sleep. 

Physical activity is considered safe, even if you have a long term health condition. You no longer need to be referred by your GP,  instead you will be assessed by a level 3 or 4 exercise specialist in the Physical Activity Service who will triage you into the most suitable activity based on your medical history and importantly what you enjoy doing. 

Some examples of programmes that you can access include:

Exercise Referral 12 week programme in a local leisure centre, accessing facilities at a discounted rate for inactive residents with a long term health condition (Coalville and Whitwick Leisure Centre, Ashby Leisure Centre and Lido, Measham Leisure Centre and Ibstock Sports Complex).

Steady Steps for 65 years and over who want to improve, balance, stability and posture or who have fallen or are at risk of falling. Delivered by a postural stability specialist instructor. (FREE)

ESCAPE-pain for residents with arthritis who require support with pain management, delivered by a specialist instructor.                  (FREE)

Inclusive Play is a weekly session for children and young people with additional needs or long term health conditions. It's a fun session at Whitwick and Coalville Leisure centre with coached activity and free play. For children and young people 5-16yrs. 

Active Pause Programme is an 10 week programme of physical activity and clinical advise to support women through perimenopause and the menopause, being active can really help. (FREE)

Active Mum's Club supports women who are pregnant or have had children in the last 5 years to be active from exercise classes to buggy walks. 

We can also sign post to community based activities such as yoga, walking, cycling, running, woodland management gardening and much more.

Sports Clubs if you or your kids want to get into sport we can put you in touch with a suitable local sports club. 

Seated exercise for older adults to confidently exercise whilst seated.

Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation for residents who have experienced a cardiac event to continue rehabilitation after completing the hospital phase 3 programme. Delivered by an experienced cardiac rehabilitation exercise specialist. 

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Service access criteria:

All residents of all ages are welcome to contact the service to receive free advice. You will then be offered a programme delivered by the Physical Activity Service or sign posted to suitable activity. Some of the activities have access criteria, the exercise professional will triage as appropriate. Some activities have a cost, some activities are free of charge.  

Additional needs catered for:
Waiting list (weeks): 2
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