P3 Nuneaton - Housing

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We’re a charity and social enterprise, made up of passionate people, who care about people. We run a variety of services all across the UK, that aim to give everyone the chance to be part of the community they live in and feel connected to society. We think that everyone is unique, and with support and confidence can unlock their inner potential, opening up a world of possibilities. Oh, and did we mention that we love people?

This service provides a safe place to live for young people and families who are homeless or at risk of losing their home, with a personalised support package to address any challenges and enable people to move forwards positively.

We will work alongside you to source longer-term accommodation more suited to your needs. Support may include:

Maintaining your tenancy
Budgeting and managing debt
Health and wellbeing
Accessing other services, such as support for substance misuse or mental ill-health
Accessing employment, education or training
Connecting with social / family / community networks
Accredited Tenancy Related Course

Online referal


Homelessness support
Support with housing
Additional needs catered for:
Homeless, Housing, Support
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