Fascial Manoeuvres Coaching - South Molton

Fascial Manoeuvres Coaching - South Molton

What Are Fascial Maneuvres?

A fascial manoeuvre is a mix of intention, movement, and breath. It releases tension restricting our movements and bodily functions. Performing the manoeuvres can eradicate pain and initiate healing in every aspect of the body, from muscular dysfunction to hormonal imbalance.

I instruct a session based on your needs removing stress and tension from the body. These sessions teach you how to heal yourself using the manoeuvres.

I am certified and fully insured. 

60 mins·£40
Located in my home studio at 29 Raleigh Mead, South Molton. I will provide 60 minutes of Fascial Manoeuvres instruction tailored to individual needs.
90 mins·£60

I will provide an extra-long coaching session. I spend additional time teaching what is needed most. 


You'll leave feeling relaxed, light and moving more freely. Free resources are provided for you to continue your healing journey with Fascial Manoeuvres. Subsequent bookings are welcome to advance and integrate this therapy.


I can teach Fascial Manoeuvres group classes and workshops too, get in touch for more info or to book a class.

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