HILs - active aging and meals on wheels – Medication reminders

About Medication Prompts
As part of our meals on wheels service or Pop-in Visit service, we can remind you to take your medication at the right time.

For example:

“Have you remembered to take your medication today?”
“Hello, I have your lunch here – make sure you remember to take your medication today”
“It’s 12 o’clock, have you remembered to take your medication yet?”
If you already use our Meals, or Pop-in Visit services, medication prompts can be added free of charge.

If you are not in when we visit
If you are not at home and we cannot contact you, we will contact your family, neighbours to make sure you are okay.

How to get started
To request a Medication Prompt for yourself or a loved one, please ask your health or social care professional to refer you. We need to know you have capacity to manage this, so we need a referral from a professional via email: info@hils-uk.org.

How to request Medication Prompts for a client
Email info@hils-uk.org to confirm that you would like HILS to provide this service and that the client has capacity to manage their own medication.

Download our Guidance Sheet for referrers for Frequently Asked Questions and to find out more.

Please make sure you read what we CAN and CANNOT offer below before requesting Medication Prompts.

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