The Pink Lizard - Youth and Community Support

Pink Lizard is a youth and community development organisation created in 2011, based in Saffron Lane and Eyres Monsell, two deprived areas of Leicester City.


We are a locally trusted organisation with years of experience of working with both young and older people in their two areas. Our goal is to support, develop and educate people living in their communities. We create self-belief, confidence, and a positive outlook in lives of young and older people who need our services the most: NEET young people, single parents and elderly people and people suffering from mental illness and other health issues brought about from isolation.



We offer new experiences and deliver a range of activities to use as a tool to support participants into further education, employment and voluntary work. These include topics such as:

  • music and drama 
  • sports
  • agriculture
  • media
  • lunch clubs
  • job clubs
Connecting with others
Getting active
Information and advice
Mental health
Youth support
Additional needs catered for:
Volunteering, mental health, unemployment, employment training, physical activity, food, cooking, dance, sport, media, education, jobs
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