Nurtured by Nature - Woodland Well-Being for Adults

Join us in Shining Cliff Woods and allow youself to be Nurtured by Nature

Our sessions take place in the beautiful ancient woodland where you will be welcomed by Kate and Bonnie from Woodland Connections.

Whether you are feeling the stress and strain of life, you enjoy a dose of nature well-being to keep on top of feeling good, or you just enjoy being in the great outdoors, this day in the woods is for you.

These Nurtured by Nature Days are flexible to suit your needs and interests. You are welcome to arrive in the morning and stay for the whole day or just come to one or two parts of the day. Please read the following information about what is included. The ticket price is the same, just £5 for however much of the day you join.

The day will be split into 3 different elements.

Element 1: Forest Bathing, for moments of calm. Aim to arrive by 9:50 to begin at 10am. We will enjoy a puposefully slow and gentle wander with invitations to try a variety of nature connection activities along the way. Research shows that Forest Bathing has numerous physical and psychological benefits. From reducing blood pressure and improving cardiovascular health to lowering feelings of stress and anxiety. The walk ends back at the car park where you might want to head home, or stay with us for element 2.

Element 2: Campfire Friendship Food. If you are joining us for this part of the day, please aim to arrive by 11:50 ready to head to the campfire at 12pm. Gathering by a fire and preparing food together has a real sense of community, people have done it for millions of years! It is a place where friendships can be forged, with the fire creating a focal point and a sense of tranquility. You are welcome to bring your own food if you prefer, but we will be making simple meals to cook, share and enjoy together. You may choose to stay for the final element of the day, or make your way home after lunch is finished.

Element 3: Have-a-Go Afternoon, Connect and Reflect. If you are joining us for this part of the day, please aim to arrive at the car park by 1:15 so that we are ready to begin at 1:30pm. In the afternoons we will offer some nature crafts or woodland activities to have a go at. Learning new skills and having fun is the aim. The plan is to also offer this part of the day up for participants to share their own skills and interests with others if you would like to. We will support you in doing that so please contact us if this is something you would to do. Before the day ends we will take time to reflect. This will be done in different ways which support your sense of wellness.

Detailed directions and parking information is provided with your booking confirmation.

The whole day is based outdoors in a woodland. Sturdy footwear is a must for the uneven and often muddy paths. A waterproof is always a good idea. In winter wear several warm layers. In warmer weather long sleeves and trousers are always advisable. Even in summer it can feel cooler in the woods.

The sessions go ahead whatever the weather. We only cancel in high winds or thunderstorms for everyone's safety.

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