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Working collaboratively to improve the lives of the people in Hertfordshire, by using the power of sport and physical activity to tackle inequality.

The Herts Sport & Physical Activity Partnership (HSP) works strategically and collaboratively to improve the lives of the people of Hertfordshire, by using the power of sport and physical activity to tackle inequality and disadvantage. Our Strategic Plan 2022-27 provides the framework for our work, and our Annual Impact Report 2022-23 highlights how we deliver our strategy in practice.

Being active can be a fun, enjoyable and social experience; it can also bring enormous benefits for our health, wellbeing and happiness for individuals, communities and wider society. Encouragingly, across Hertfordshire, 60% of adults and 48% of young people are active enough for it to benefit their health.  However, we see distinct inequalities within different population groups and in different localities who find it harder to be active and reap the benefits of an active lifestyle.  The Partnership will ensure that we have a laser-like focus on identifying and addressing inequality and inactivity and optimising limited resources for the greatest impact. Further information about the insight driving our work areas can be found on the HSP Physical Activity Story Map.

Established in 2003, we are based at the University of Hertfordshire in Hatfield and are one of 43 Active Partnerships across England, that are part funded by Sport England to deliver locally against their Uniting the Movement Strategy.

Known as HSP, the Partnership has a core team of full and part-time professionals, and we are involved in a wide range of exciting projects, campaigns and strategic influencing work to deliver against our objectives. The Partnership also has a voluntary board that represents the various work areas we are involved in and provides strategic oversight and guidance.

The HSP team works alongside numerous public, private and voluntary partners, bringing together expertise, resources and ideas from all parts of the sports, health and physical activity arena in Hertfordshire and beyond.

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