Integrated Healing is one of the most advanced forms of Kinesiology.
Online sessions are available or face-to-face appointments in Market Harborough, Leicestershire.
A kinesiology session can help your mind and body to restore balance and clear the way for your body’s natural healing abilities to flow freely. We will work to release the blocks holding you back from being happy, healthy, and the real, authentic you.
We will tap into your subconscious and the body’s innate natural intelligence to discover which blocks and stresses need to be released and how the body would like to clear them.  All of this leaves you free to move forward with energy, ease, and an increased sense of peace and well-being.
Integrated Healing works at a deep level and heals where other modalities and Kinesiologies can’t. A session can help with any emotional or physical issue including:
Chronic Illness
Grief & Loss
Trauma (Emotional & Physical)
Learning Difficulties
Relationship Difficulties
Birth & Postnatal Recovery
What clients say:
"Wow this was an incredible experience I had with Joy. Joy is really welcoming and calming. I went in with the idea that something was causing me pain in a targeted area which actually turned out to be something much more deep routed subconsciously linked to something that was happening in my life. I felt lighter straight away when Joy had worked out what the actual problem was . I felt the full benefits a couple of weeks later and still feeling the benefits now. I highly recommend this service. I wish I could describe it better but it was worth it and Joy her time . The weight that I was carrying mentally had been made light by Joy. Thank you."
"Joy is absolutely amazing. I've had a few sessions with her and always feel so calm and relaxed after. she is friendly and made me feel at ease from the start. After spending many years with panic disorder, and health anxiety I got to the stage that I became agoraphobic. I tried countless medications over the last 10 plus years none of which helped. After my first session with joy I felt calm and relaxed something I hadn't felt in a long time. she has helped me to work on issues that have helped me to gain more control over my mental health and anxiety. I'm looking forward to more sessions as they have been extremely beneficial to me."
"I decided to book a session with Joy after struggling with a skin issue and having no luck with my usual methods, which led me to think there may be some other underlying cause. I had no idea what to expect from the session having never done anything like this before.
It turned out to be a totally incredible experience. Joy was warm and approachable, she put me at ease immediately, explained the process and then took me through it step by step. Through the session we unexpectedly uncovered some buried emotional trauma that had caused my skin issues, and within a couple of weeks of the session the issue had cleared up completely in one place, and had significantly improved in the other. The latter is, I think, multi layered and so I will be booking another session to explore further.
The session was surreal, emotional, incredible and accompanied throughout by Joy who was kind, patient and sensitive with the emotions we uncovered.
Don't hesitate to book with Joy - you won't regret it"
"My first experience with Joy’s integrated healing was incredible. After witnessing the effects of my daughter’s anxiety disappearing I had to try it for myself. I had been struggling with a niggling back pain. Joy wasn’t aware of this however during the most relaxing healing session she identified that I had an aura leak. This is something that I hadn’t even considered. She worked her magic and sealed the leak. Pretty much straight away the pain eased and the next day it was completely gone! Joy is a truly wonderful practitioner and I highly recommend that everyone books in for a session."

Alcohol advice and support
Bereavement support
Drugs advice and support
Health advice
Mental health support
Stopping smoking
Preventative services for children and young people
Healthy lifestyle
Managing a long-term health condition
Mental health
Social prescribing
Youth support
Service access criteria:

I work with babies, children, young adults and adults of all ages.
Appointments are available in person at my clinic in Market Harborough, or can be by prior arrangement at your home or online

Additional needs catered for:
Vision impairment friendly
Hearing impairment friendly
Wheelchair accessible
Learning difficulty friendly
Physical disability friendly
Dementia friendly
Takes place in the client’s home
Non English speaking friendly
Waiting list (weeks): 0
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