Cancer and Your Wellbeing Workshop

Macmillan’s Cancer and Your Wellbeing Workshop




Tuesday 9th July , 11am - 1pm

Tuesday 24th September, 10am -12pm

Tuesday 26th November, 11am -1pm



Newham University Hospital, Education centre, Zone 2, E13 8SL


Key information about the workshop:


  • Suitable for anyone with a cancer diagnosis, living with cancer or has experience of cancer (age 18+)  
  • Workshops are designed to support all tumour groups and at any stage of their cancer journey.
  • 2-hour workshop with breaks and refreshments provided.
  • These workshops are single, standalone sessions aiming to provide educational information and evidence-based strategies on how you can look after your wellbeing with cancer.
  • Feedback from previous workshops have been 100% positive. 

“the session was very good, helpful, it is nicer to talk in person, meet other people, listen to their stories and experiences, learn what helped others. Also, to have some laughs and positive thoughts”.

“It was helpful coming together and sharing ideas and motivating us to stay positive and active and more knowledgeable”.


To register a place or to refer a patient, please call or email the Macmillan team on:


T: 020 7363 8758


Please leave name, contact number and hospital number ( if known)

Referrals accepted via Joy app 

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Healthy lifestyle
Information and advice
Managing a long-term health condition
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Support for carers
Additional needs catered for:
Wheelchair accessible
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