Helston Incredible Edible

Incredible Edible’s  vision is “to create kind, confident and connected communities through the power of food”. Everything that is grown is free to share. Volunteers get together to share time, skills, experience, confidence, conversation and learning.

Changing our landscapes in this way means…

Locally grown food is available to more people
People without gardens can enjoy gardening in an outdoor space
biodiversity is increased and we can improve the environment for pollinators and other wildlife
we have opportunities to work together outdoors, which is known to have positive benefits for physical and mental health and wellbeing
growing more trees and plants contributes to the sequestration (removal) of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere
Following closure of our original community garden at Weeth, due to structural problems with the walls, a public meeting lead to two workshops where members of Helston community and beyond came together to create the ideas and plans for the Coronation Park garden.

The Covid-19 pandemic has shown us how important the outdoors is, and also that we can work most safely in an outdoor environment, so we have been able to continue with this project – which has proved enormously supportive for people who are increasingly isolated.

Work has proved to be very varied, with jobs like shifting soil and Cornish dry stone walling to planting – some of the work has proved good for building muscles (you cannot beat the green gym!) but there is always time to stop, rest, talk and admire the view.

Future projects include spaces at Cades Park, King George V park and any other sites and spaces that you can let us know about!

Incredible Edible Helston is a project to support localism, biodiversity and reduce carbon dioxide emissions. Goals are to grow food, share what we grow and build our community resilience. Join us!

Outdoor activities
Day centres
Connecting with nature
Connecting with others
Additional needs catered for:
climate, skills, experience, confidence, conversation, learning
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