MCST - Faversham

Maintenance Cognitive Stimulation Therapy (MCST) is designed for anyone experiencing memory problems, with or without a formal Dementia diagnosis. Run by qualified facilitators in a specialist therapy centre, the intensive sessions are ideal for people who are concerned about their memory and want to proactively reduce their symptoms.

Is this the right group for me?

✓ Do you experience memory problems?
✓ Are you interested in a modern therapy setting?
✓ Are you an open-minded individual who values independence and wants to maintain it for as long as possible?
✓ Can you engage in a meaningful conversation?
✓ Can you hear well enough to participate in a small group discussion?
✓ Is your vision good enough to see most pictures?
✓ Are you physically able enough to use all the facilities independently?

If you can answer 'yes' to the above questions, then our MCST centre could help you!

How to refer
If you would like to know more about MCST, and whether it is right for you, one of our facilitators would be happy to get in touch for an informal chat about the next steps, which include an assessment and a free taster session

Connecting with others
Managing a long-term health condition
Mental health
Services for older people
Service access criteria:

Available to people aged 50 and over living in Faversham.

Additional needs catered for:
Wheelchair accessible
Dementia friendly
dementia, memory loss
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