Flippin' Pain

Did you know that what most people believe about pain isn’t the full picture? 

Researchers have learnt a lot about how pain works over the past 40 years. Getting to know the real science has shown to have game-changing results. It can change how we think about persistent pain, what we do about it, and even how it feels.

Flippin’ Pain shares the latest (often surprising) science of pain with people in the UK. As they say, knowledge is power. And this knowledge can help people to reduce the effects of persistent pain, feel more in control, and even start the journey to recovery.

If you’re struggling, caring for someone in pain, or just interested in preventing pain for the future, we’re here for you.

Check out our information, totally for free! Visit www.flippinpain.co.uk.

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Flippin' Pain works across the UK, spreading awareness. You don't need a referral, just visit the website to learn more about the science of pain!

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