Service User Network (SUN)

We can help if you’re having difficulties with emotions and personality disorders.

We offer open peer support groups, where you can share your experiences and support each other with advice. You don't need a diagnosis to attend and can sign yourself up. Our groups are delivered both face-to-face in the community and online.

How we can help you
It may be that you’re having difficulties with managing your emotions, relationships, being impulsive or your own identity

You may identify with or have a diagnosis of personality disorder.

Our aim is to support you in the community, improve your quality of life and reduce the need for further intervention from other services.   

Peer support groups
Our support groups allow people to help others by sharing their own experiences. The sessions are facilitated by both clinical and lived experience facilitators.

All our group members are valued as experts because of their experiences. Becoming part of our groups means you can get the support you need and help others by sharing your own experiences.

Our service is suitable if you’re comfortable talking with others in group settings.

The sessions can help in different ways, such as:

Supporting you to learn the different coping skills that can help you through difficult times
Connecting and learning from people who have similar experiences or who are in similar situations
Providing a safe space to be heard and understood
Encouraging problem solving skills
Guiding you to other services and sources of support that might be beneficial

Read our SUN Peer Support Group leaflet (pdf)

Read our SUN Peer Support Group poster (jpeg)

Peer support group sessions

This is the structure of a typical peer support group session. 

Check in (45 mins)
Every member must check in with how they are doing and what they are looking to get out of the group.

New members are welcomed and the group assist them in completing their crisis and support plan (CASP).

This document is kept up to date and used to support members in times of struggle.

Break 15 mins.  

Open Forum (50 mins)
This is the main section where members discuss topics brought up in check in and offer support and advice to one another.

Break 10 mins  

Check out (30 mins)
Every member must check out with how they are feeling after the group.

Group minutes are taken, covering a summary of discussions and any actions that need to be taken.

This is how both online and face to face groups run.

Accessing our service

You can register by using our online form, or by contacting our team. You can also talk to us if you want to know more about SUN, or you need help using our online form.

We’re available for contact 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday.

Use our online registration form to register your place (opens new tab)


Call 0300 365 8000


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Service access criteria:

You must live or have a registered GP in Berkshire to access the Service User Network.

You must be 18 years of older.

No diagnosis is required.

Additional needs catered for:
Wheelchair accessible
Learning difficulty friendly
Physical disability friendly
Waiting list (weeks): 0
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Who can refer: Self referrals only
Disclaimer: Please note that services on the Joy Marketplace are independent and are not necessarily endorsed by your locality/area.