Register a death

You will be contacted by phone to arrange an appointment for you to attend in person.

There will be no need for relatives to collect the Medical Cause of Death Certificate from the GP, hospital, hospice or care home.  

A scanned copy of the signed certificate will be emailed direct to the register office from the GP, hospital, hospice or care home.

The Registration Team will scan and email the green certificate for burial or cremation to the crematorium or cemetery and copy in funeral directors.

How do you book an appointment?
Once we have received your Medical Cause of Death Certificate from your GP, Hospital, Hospice or Care Home we will ring you to book an appointment for an in-person appointment which will be held at at one of our local offices.

We will take payment for any certificates you require, these are £12.50 each and will be issued at the end of your appointment when you attend our offices.

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