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Thrive in Mind: Empowering Workplace Mental Health

In a world where mental well-being is often overlooked, every individual deserves the basic human right to access knowledge and interventions that support their mental resilience. At Thrive in Mind, we are dedicated to transforming workplace mental health through accessible, proactive, preventative, and effective evidence-based psychological interventions.

Our Services:

2-Hour Digital Programme: "Psychological Resilience When Overwhelmed" - A four-session digital therapeutic training package designed to improve mental health, psychological resilience, and coping during difficult and stressful times. This self-paced programme allows participants to engage with proven psychological interventions derived from the therapy room, enabling them to navigate stressful situations, build resilience, and enhance their overall quality of life.

Tailored Group Sessions: We offer customised group sessions to suit all types of businesses, delivered either remotely or face-to-face. These sessions include:

Leadership Groups: Designed to enhance emotional intelligence and upskill leaders to improve employee mental health.
Employee Groups: Focused on fostering resilience and well-being among staff.
Reflective Practice/Guided Peer Support Sessions: For mental health first aiders and champions, providing education, self-care strategies, and psychological understanding of mental health in the workplace.

All our interventions are grounded in empirically supported evidence, backed by the best available research, and have been refined through decades of psychological practice. This ensures that our methods are not only effective but also reliable.

Join Us in Creating Supportive, Thriving Workplaces

Thrive in Mind empowers individuals and teams to navigate personal and work challenges with resilience and compassion. Join us in our mission to create supportive, thriving workplaces where mental well-being is a priority.

To discuss flexible and affordable costings and get started straight away, please contact us.

Mental health support
Mental health
Service access criteria:

Our services can be easily purchased by business leaders for their workforce.

Our services are designed for adults in the workplace, including leaders, employees, and well-being champions across various industries.

Accessibility Features: National Reach: We deliver groups and interventions across the country, with face-to-face sessions available in the Yorkshire area.

Flexible Learning: Our digital training can be worked through in chunks and at the user's own pace, ensuring flexibility and convenience.

Additional needs catered for:
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