Open theatre auditions: The Three Musketeers: Brixham (casting all roles)

Open theatre auditions for all roles, in a touring theatre production of The Three Musketeers. This casting is open to all ages 11 and up, and all genders. Many roles are being cast gender blind.

If you would like to be considered for a role, please attend the open auditions, arriving for 1pm start at Chestnut Community Centre,
1 - 3 Poplar Close,
Brixham, Devon, TQ5 0SA.
We guarantee to audition every person who wishes to audition. If you cannot make it on this date, we are open to audition people during the two weeks before the audition date, at a mutually agreed time/ date.

This is an in-house script, adapted from the novel by Alexandre Dumas.
Roles are available for performers aged 11 - 70. Many roles are open to being played as either male or female. We are most interested in the best performer for the role.
Actors involved in action scenes will be required to attend choreography sessions with our in0house fight choreographers, and to observe all health & safety reqirements.
There are also plenty of non-fight roles.

We welcome people of all backgrounds, levels of experience, ethnicities, appearance, accents etc, and are additionally very accustomed to working with neurodivergent creatives in our team, so please don't let any of these things hold you back.
Actors aged under 16 must be accompanied at all times by their parent or legal guardian, and all castings of minors are subject to child actor licencing laws.
Full audition information and link to sides available from May 1st at
This includes show information, dates, character list, sides and a link to the full script.

Rehearsals will commence on Sunday August 4th 2024 will a full cast script readthrough.
Performances will tour south Devon on various Fridays and Saturdays,

All levels of experience most welcome.
Actors must be based in the Devon area because of the need to attend rehearsals and performances in the South Devon region including Brixham, Stokenham, Exeter, Kingskerswell, Ashburton, and Torquay
As things stand at time of writing all actors will receive an equal share of money made from ticket sales for the performances (inclusive of streaming), as well as location-based character photoshoots, copies of all press featuring you, videos for show/ demo-reels, and references. We are also putting in an Arts Council bid, to "up" the financial payments to Equity rates, and if that is approved then everyone is automatically upgraded.
For those newer to acting; all credits with us (whether profit-share or "proper" rate) count towards Spotlight registrations allowing newer actors to professionally register and then apply for agents and bigger castings. The payments (however much it is) can also count towards your Equity membership application.

Rehearsals for this show take place on Wednesdays 7pm - 9/ 9.30pm, and Sundays 1pm - 4 / 4.30pm at Chestnut Community Centre, 1-3 Poplar Close, Brixham, TQ5 0SA.
More information on our theatre company at
(so far – please note that there are still some bookings in discussion)
Auditions: July 28thth
Full readthrough / notes/ housekeeping: August 4th
(rehearsals most sunday afternoons and wednesday evenings as usual. Specific scenes depend on specific dates and majority availability as given on audition forms and actors agreements)

Show dates contracted thus far: (more to be added)
Brixham Theatre November 8th & 9th
Plymouth November 23rd
Stokenham/ Kingsbridge November 30th
Budleigh Salterton December 14th
Kingskerswell December 21st
Exeter January 19th 2025
Torquay January 17th 2025

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