Qigong in the Woods-A Funded Class For Women

Qigong For Women- Support, Nurture, more freedom in movement and Connection with Nature.Is movement difficult or painful for you?

Would you like to change your relationship with your body, with how you move, how you feel about your movement?

There can be many reasons for movement to be difficult, maybe you are a menopausal women who is experiencing joint pain for the first time in your life, maybe you have arthritis, or have had an accident or operation which has limited your mobility. Perhaps you came into this life with limited movement or a disability. Whatever the reason you are welcome to come and explore your movement in a safe group.

For myself, one of the keys in finding more freedom in movement can be how I relate to my limitations. In this course, as well as working with gentle and supportive movement (Qigong) we will also spend time sharing, and enquiring about our experience, and learning gentle bodywork that we can sue daily to support our bodies.
We will do this in the beautiful woodland space @ The Glade. Qigong works with our relationship with nature, we use the Earth and Sky to anchor our experience and movement. This connection is so much more accessible when we practice outside, and in past groups we have been delighted to share the woods with all its natural inhabitants. And for those cold wet moments we have the shelter of the cosy nest.

Booking essential due to limited places. If you would like a funded place please email telling us a little about your movement limitation.

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