BoYu Chinese School

BoYu Chinese School was founded by dedicated and experienced teachers who love to teach Chinese language, literature and culture. They aim to stimulate and encourage Chinese descendants and non-Chinese British people to learn about these topics.

Because language and culture are inseparable, they are taught together. And while students will be introduced to China’s long history, the school focuses more on contemporary culture and literary appreciation. It is hoped that while learning Chinese, students can learn more about modern China and Chinese people’s lives.

Through the study of Chinese and the comparison of Eastern and Western cultures, one aim is to have students look at issues from the different culture’s perspectives.

There are courses for children age four years and up, from Chinese or non-Chinese backgrounds. Each grade has a set detailed learning objectives, including teaching methods, teaching priorities, teaching requirements and the amount of literacy. Younger children are taught using Pinyin, which is similar to British Phonics. Older children and adults are taught with different techniques. Older students can work toward GCSE and internationally-recognised certifications.

There is also a course for non-Chinese adults to learn Chinese.

Please see this page for more information about the courses and content.

Classes run on Sundays mornings during school term times, but parents can apply at any time of the year. You can find the term dates on this page.

There is an annual fee which depends on level, and textbooks are included. Find out more at the bottom of this page.

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