Renew169 Wellbeing Café

Renew Wellbeing is the name of the overarching organisation that is helping churches around the country to replicate the Renew Wellbeing café concept.

Renew cafés offer simple quiet shared space where it is OK to not be OK. It is a safe space where people with emotional or mental health difficulties are welcomed, with an aim to reduce loneliness and isolation. Visitors can be assured of a warm welcome ad someone to listen. Attendees have the opportunity to take part in hobbies and activities, guided by the 5 ways to wellbeing, enjoy the café space and the attached quiet room or prayer space. Renew Wellbeing Cafes are open to those of no faith or any faith, any gender, any ethnicity. There is no obligation to join in with the prayer activities.

Based around the 5 Ways to Wellbeing Renew spaces work on three simple principles: Being Present, Being in Partnership and Being Prayerful.

Mental health