Good Neighbour Schemes

Their work includes administering ‘Good Neighbour Schemes’ in some of our villages and on their website you can find details of ‘Existing Good Neighbour Schemes’. The available information is not perfect, but the Good Neighbour Fieldworkers are happy to discuss anything with you.

For those being helped, the scheme is a chance to access support to complete jobs that may normally be difficult for them to do alone. But the scheme could also:

  • Give them the opportunity to meet new people and make friends. Stop them from feeling they are ‘bothering neighbours' if they need to ask for help frequently.
  • Help them to stay in their own home for longer as they get older.
  • Soften the impact of losing local services such as the village shop or post office
  • Enable them to become a volunteer because they have skills to offer that otherwise they may not be able to share.


Connecting with others