Safe Soulmates

Safe Soulmates is a friendship and dating organisation which brings together adults with additional needs to help them find and nurture friendships and loving relationships in a safe way, free from ‘mate crime’, sexual abuse and financial abuse.

'Safe Soulmates has given me lots of self confidence, self esteem and allowed me to be my true self.'

We run 6 socials a week online - new members, Quiz, Keep fit, gaming, Women only, Relationship Workshops with DhiversePoets IN mental wellbeing, cinema club. We run social groups in real life, currently in physically distant groups of 6.

We charge £10 a month, but that includes access to social groups and having the potential of meeting a romantic partner, though we can't guarantee this. We do guarantee that you will meet some lovely people.  We currently have 125 Soulmates. 

Connecting with others
Additional needs catered for:
Learning difficulty friendly
Physical disability friendly