Peterborough Green Pathways

Green Pathways is an outdoor Eco-therapy project for vulnerable and disadvantaged young people to help improve local green spaces for the benefit of the community and wildlife. Activities have a strong wildlife theme and will be either conservation, art or learning activities.

10-Week Projects

We offer 10 week projects that are young people led. Young people will work as part of a team to achieve an outcome with wildlife and community benefits. They will be involved in the process of planning and completing a project in an outdoor community setting such as a nature reserve or community garden. 

The projects can consist of one large project activity such as a conservation project building a pond or creating a wildlife garden, or art projects such as a graffiti or mosaic wildlife mural or it can be built up of smaller activities in three areas of conservation, art or learning activities that are chosen by the young people, tailored to their interests based around being outdoors and engaging with wildlife.

Examples of these are as follows, small conservation activities such as building toad homes & planting pollinator flowers, art activities such as painting wildlife murals in garden areas and wildlife photography and learning activities such as species surveys and pond dipping. 

Wild Workshops

We also offer one-off sessions ran in the school holidays. These workshops are based in an outdoor community settings such as a nature reserve or community garden. Activities will be chosen by the young people to support their interests and can consist of a wide array of activities in the three areas of conservation, art or learning activities. Activities such as pond dipping, painting a wildlife mural and species surveys.

Connecting with nature
Additional needs catered for: