Cambridgeshire Workplace Chaplaincy - South Cambs

Cambridgeshire Workplace Chaplaincy have multifaith chaplains or trained counsellors who offer emotional support regardless of whether you have any spiritual or religious beliefs, available via their Listening Service. They also support workplace Chaplains of all faiths.

Workplace chaplaincy offers a vital frontline support and are safe spaces for staff because it is independent of the employer, and from HR. The service allows early interventions, a way of ironing out the mind, giving calm and clarity to someone in a safe and independent environment.

Our mission is to:

Support workplace Chaplains of all faiths across Cambridge, Peterborough and surrounding areas in their work of meeting the pastoral and spiritual needs of people in work settings of all kinds, whether commercial, public or voluntary sector.

Support workplace chaplaincy services and those who deliver them
Promote the nature and value of chaplaincy in the workplace
Support all in need in the workplace

We do this through a programme of networking events; regular communications, and providing signposting to information such as training or regulatory changes. Any chaplain working in our geographical area is welcome to use our services without formal membership or payment.

Service access criteria: Please call or email to access service
Additional needs catered for:
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