Spirit and Soul

Spirit and Soul's Equine Assisted Therapy & Learning Interventions
Our Programmes are unique and bespoke, with an excellent track record of providing services for

Local Councils, School’s, NHS trusts, Macmillan Cancer Support and Framework.

Nature Based Activities
Run by a suitably experienced member of staff we run small & large group nature-based wellbeing activities.


The standalone workshops and sessions support people to get outdoors, become more mindful and utilise our natural environment to support people in their overall wellbeing. 

Site Hire
An excellent location for local groups to utilise our natural space. Surrounded by nature, horses and wildlife we love to offer our space to other groups and organisations to benefit from our space. 


Contact us about hiring our space for your needs, whether it be walk and talk, a forest school or geocaching wildlife watching.

Horse Care and Therapeutic Horsemanship
Run by experienced staff, (both with horses and people) we teach groups the basics of caring for horses naturally, alongside therapeutic groundwork skills with horses.


We specialise in working with people in an experiential way to not only learn about horses, but build resilience teamwork and confidence.


People learn best in a fun interactive environment and that’s what we provide.

Equine Assisted
Run by suitably experienced and qualified staff, trained in working with clients with complex or additional needs and horses; our group programmes can be made bespoke to your needs.


We not only offer therapeutic groundwork skills, learning resilience and patience but also offer a number of group-based learning exercises to build confidence, overcome doubt, reduce anxiety and increase a person’s overall level of wellbeing. 

Equine Facilitated Psychotherapy
Run by BACP (or equivalent) registered therapists and counsellors we offer equine facilitated psychotherapy on both a 1-1 and group-based modality.


Working alongside our herd and a therapist, trained in working with the most complex people we aim to support people to overcome, trauma, illness, mental health difficulties by building a variety of skills and developing better emotional regulation. 

Connecting with nature
Connecting with others
Getting active
Managing a long-term health condition
Mental health