VIP Companionship

A small charity making a big difference to lives of lonely people.

Charities are not formed because life is great but because there is a need to try and help make things better for people if they are ever faced with adversity, whether medical, emotional or financial.   We are all hopefully going to grow old with good health and with our families around us; however for many this is not the case. 

Loneliness is an increasing common condition amongst both older men and women.  Projections for the U.K. show a continuing trend towards living alone – partly because of increasing longevity but also the rise in divorce over the last decade or so.   Other charities that work in this field are primarily focused on those in financial need but loneliness is not objective.   There are many reasons for isolation such as bereavement, loss of confidence, and families moving away where even financial security does not make a difference.  We may therefore ask for a small contribution where applicable, but this in no way reflects the true cost of the outings, and VIP makes a grant to cover the balance. The amount is on a sliding scale reflecting a person’s ability to pay.  

It may seem trivial to focus on a social outing rather than helping with something like an electricity bill but, The World Health Organisation has rated loneliness as a higher risk to health than smoking.   At VIP we have found cases of loneliness both in individuals and couples who can no longer get out, and we are determined to help. It does the spirits good to have something to look forward to, from sharing a visit to a lovely garden to watching a football match. Our offer is very simple. We take care to find out what a lonely person would really like to do and try to arrange it with someone they will enjoy being with, trust and feel safe in their company.  

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