Ness M Care Foundation

Ness M Care Foundation is a charity that is dedicated to improving the quality of life for people who are socially isolated and lonely. We are an independent charity active in the UK and Zimbabwe.

Ness M Care Foundation runs activities and services including:

Group walks in Itter Park – these weekly gentle strolls are for all abilities, with a chance for some friendly chat while stretching your legs and enjoying the pretty grounds of the park.

Ubuntu Coffee Mornings – encourage those who are socially isolated to build lasting relationships and friendships with people in similar situations in Peterborough and the surrounding area over a cup of coffee, a slice of cake, and some table games. The coffee mornings are named after the African philosophy of ‘Ubuntu’ which places emphasis on ‘being self through others’, as they recognise that no-one in society should be left behind.

Buddy Up – This project aims to support adults at risk by building up their social contact. This can include face-to-face companionship through a range of activities (like walks in the park, going to the supermarket or meeting at a café, etc.), well-being calls from volunteers, or access to professional therapy.

Social Care in Zimbabwe – Like many developing countries, especially those in sub-Saharan Africa, Zimbabwe does not have a social care programme. The Foundation offers essential care equipment required for people cared for at home, and the required training to use the equipment. They then offer ongoing support in reviewing the care delivery and equipment as the person’s needs change.

Ness M Care Foundation aims to provide as many of their services for free as possible, however some may require a donation to support operating costs.  See website for more details.

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