Headway - Cambridge

Brain injury can be a life changing experience and people often need support after they have been discharged from hospital or rehabilitation centres. Brain injuries are hidden disabilities that can have dramatic impacts on the lives of not only the people they affect, but also their families. These injuries can be due to a stroke, an infection, or a trauma caused by a fall, a road traffic accident, assault or any other cause.

Anyone can refer and Headway’s support is not time limited. They provide day services, individual and group work, vocational support and outdoor therapies and gardening. They have a supported exercise programme from seated exercise and mindfulness through to groups in the gym.

Headway Cambridgeshire is the only local organisation that provides on-going services which are designed to enable brain injured people and their families and carers to move on with the next stage of their lives.

In our Chesterton and Peterborough hubs we offer a programme of activities and specialist services aimed at recovery and social rehabilitation. Working across the county of Cambridgeshire we also provide information, hospital liaison, community enablement and the opportunity to participate in social events.

Managing a long-term health condition
Support for carers
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