Cognitive Stimulation Therapy for People Living with Dementia

Cognitive Stimulation Therapy (CST) groups are for people living with a mild to moderate dementia (this includes people on a waiting list) who would like to get involved with activities that stimulate the brain in a social setting.

CST is proven to slow down the progression of dementia in some people.

Our groups are fun and provide a space to share common difficulties with others and find solutions.

Make new friends over an activity and a cuppa!



Service access criteria: Mild to moderate dementia, or on the waiting list. Needs to be independent with personal care needs and can participate within group work for at least an hour. Wants to attend and can do so independently of a carer.
Activities for older people
Connecting with others
Services for older people
Additional needs catered for:
Dementia friendly
Waiting list (weeks): 10