Winter Pressures

We recognise the challenges affecting everyone during the winter, but these challenges have been intensified this year by the impact of COVID-19. People are affected in so many ways, this could be financially or it could have impacted on their health and wellbeing as they may have become lonely and isolated. The colder months can impact on everyone especially the older and vulnerable members of our community or those living with ill health or long term conditions.

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The Winter Pressures referral form will initiate the process, and once received the Community Response Unit will work with the client to link them to appropriate support and advice. Where situations are more complex a worker will be allocated to support an individual, but in all cases the focus will be on enabling the person to help themselves. We recognise that in these difficult times people need more support.

Please complete the Winter Pressures Referral form if your client needs support with any of the following:

support with getting food (shopping/food bank)
collecting prescriptions
social isolation
keeping the home warm, including fuel poverty, winter fuel grants
home and heating maintenance issues
energy advice – changing suppliers or tariff
income maximisation and debt
employment support
eviction and homelessness support
reducing slips and falls – practical help
accessing flu vaccinations
health improvement services

Healthy lifestyle
Helping with money
Information and advice