OptiMum Health and Fitness for Women

With OptiMum Health & Fitness for Women, Nikki Baring offers exercise classes, workshops, coaching & other support to improve the health & fitness of women, with a particular emphasis on pelvic health.

What to expect?

Nikki Baring is a Women’s Wellness Coach and personal trainer. She first started working in the fitness industry in 2000 after finishing a degree in Dance Performance. Nikki founded OptiMum Health & Fitness after becoming a mum and experiencing health issues from a challenging pregnancy and birth herself.

OptiMum Health & Fitness supports:

New mums;
Women experiencing pelvic floor dysfunction;
Women wanting to improve their diastasis (tummy gap) function;
Women recovering from c-section or hysterectomy;
Women who are peri-post menopausal;
Women who want to feel fit, health and strong whilst being part of a supportive and friendly community.
Nikki’s in-person activities include:

‘Love Your Pelvic Floor & Core’ workshops;
Barrefit workout classes;
a range of ‘Holistic Core Restore’ classes;
Women’s Wellbeing Walks in Eddington;
scar tissue massage;
one-to-one personal training.
Nikki’s online activities include:

Live ‘Love Your Pelvic Floor and Core’ workshops;
Live BarreFit classes;
an on demand ‘Love Your Pelvic Floor and Core’ webinar;
on demand and pre-recorded classes.

More information

Nikki has completed training with Cognitive Sports Therapy, and is part of their network. She has particular expertise in using exercise to support mental wellbeing.

Membership of the OptiMum Facebook community is free and includes tips, techniques and workouts.
OptiMum’s blog with information and advice on a range of mental and physical wellbeing topics for women.
Women’s Wellness Walks in Eddington are free.

Please contact Nikki directly for the cost of her classes and services.

Getting active
Additional needs catered for: