One Small Step Devon Physical Activity

Why be physically active?
There are so many health benefits to physical activity, from improving your mood to helping reduce the risk of having a long-term health condition such as:

Type II Diabetes by 40%
Cardiovascular Disease by 35%
Falls, Depression and Dementia by 30%
Joints and Back Pain by 25%
Certain Cancers by 20%
By doing a little bit of physical activity every day you will start to feel an improvement in health.

How you can increase your physical activity with us?
Our fully qualified Health Trainers work with you to help you set personal goals. They will help you find local physical activities that you can do using outdoor and indoor spaces.  From cycling to work to using outdoor gyms in your local park.  There is plenty around for you to keep fit.

Our Health Coaches will check in with you at regular agreed intervals to see how you’re progressing and provide any support and encouragement you might need.


Service access criteria: If you live in Devon (excluding Plymouth and Torbay), If you are aged over 18 years old
Additional needs catered for:
Key words - separate with a comma: Physical Activity, fitness, Health Coach