Rock Choir

Rock Choir is a contemporary choir with an emphasis on fun, friendship and community spirit. They meet weekly to sing feel-good pop, rock and contemporary songs. You don’t need to read music and there are no auditions! You will join a group of like-minded people, who simply love to sing! Don’t worry if you don’t have any previous experience, you will be taught by a professional leader who will quickly help to build your confidence.

The choir meet weekly to rehearse. The rehearsals are unpressured, friendly and fun. You can book onto a FREE taster session to see what it is like before committing. Rock Choir recognise that some people may feel nervous or anxious about joining a choir, and they create a nurturing and caring environment to put you at ease. You will be met at the door by friendly Rock Choir Prefects who will be expecting you and will make you feel welcome.

If you enjoy your taster session you can sign up to be a member and attend regular rehearsals with your local choir and any of the other Rock Choirs across the UK. You can sign up for a termly or monthly membership. You will also be able to take part in social events, workshops and performances if you wish. 

Everyone over the age of 11 is welcome to join Rock Choir. Those aged 11 – 14 must be accompanied by an adult at all times. Those aged 14 – 17 may be able to attend without an adult present, at the discretion of the Choir Leader. There is no upper age limit. The Cambridge choir meet at the The Church of the Good Shepherd in Arbury. There is limited parking at the centre, or you can park in the surrounding residential streets.

Rock Choir has been running since 2005 and now has over 33,000 members participating in approximately 400 local communities across the UK.Rock Choir are now making performances accessible to members of the Deaf/Deaf and Disabled community by introducing signing at their shows. Members are able to access free weekly online Rock & Sign Sessions where they learn how to sign the Rock Choir songs, helping them to explore aspects of disability awareness and learn more about sign language and the Deaf/deaf Community.


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