The Living Room Hereford

The Living Room is a safe place for anyone. 

We are a Café, a Community Larder and a safe Community Space, all in the centre of Hereford.

Café- Our café offers great coffee and food, in a friendly and safe environment. Any money spent in our Café goes back into helping our community. Café opening hours: Monday to Friday: 9am - 4pm Saturday + Sunday: Closed.

Larder - We fight food waste and food poverty by redistributing surplus food from all across Herefordshire. Anyone can be a member, this scheme isn't means-tested. You can save money and help others! For just £5 you can join up, then for just £5 per week, you get your bag of shopping. (Items available will depend on stock). Donations are passed onto those experiencing food poverty and the most vulnerable in our community. Community larder opening hours: Monday to Friday: 9am - 4pm Saturday + Sunday: Closed.

Community Space - We plan to run workshops for the community to help develop essential skills such as cooking on a budget, financial wellbeing, and self-awareness courses.  All to help people move forward in their lives. There will also be groups run by volunteers to offer peer support and reduce isolation and loneliness. Groups will vary depending on community’s needs as well as the time and skills of our volunteers. These can range from craft sessions, knit and natter and sharing a skill.

Check our Facebook and Instagram pages for new information on what we are doing.  That's also a great way to contact us, we want to hear from you

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