Macmillan Move More

Macmillan Move More is a physical activity service designed to support people living with and beyond cancer become more active.

It’s been proven that taking part in physical activity during and after cancer treatment is safe and has many long term benefits. This includes reducing consequences of treatment, such as fatigue and the risk of developing other conditions such as osteoporosis and diabetes. Lots of people also tell us that physical activity helps them take back control and feel more like their old self.

About us
The service is open to anyone with a cancer diagnosis in Wandsworth, Merton or Sutton, regardless of when the diagnosis was made. We offer one to one consultations with physical activity specialists who can offer tailored support.

We understand that increasing activity during and after cancer treatment can be very difficult and things like fatigue, pains and lack of confidence can create barriers. During consultations our aim is to help you increase your motivation and overcome personal barriers. We do this by helping you create an activity plan which is relevant to your goals, for some people this might be something simple like being able to walk to the shop without getting tired.

We also share information that might be helpful including information about available activities and advice on how to increase physical activity safely and effectively. We then offer motivational support for 12 months, one to one consultations are available to you throughout this time to ensure you continue to progress. The service starts with an informal chat, there is no pressure to join any specific activities or do anything you do not feel ready or able to do. Our aim is to help you improve your health and wellbeing in a way that is right for you. All initial consultations and follow-up appointments are currently done over the phone or via Zoom

Getting active