Regenerate London - Young People Mentoring and Coaching

Regenerate’s Mentoring & Coaching work supports young people aged 10-30 by focusing on their personal growth and development.

Under 18’s
We work with young people aged 10-18 in local schools and the community matching individuals with a skilled mentor who will listen and work with them to help them grow in  confidence, improve key skills and develop their self awareness.

One to one sessions and group sessions are both available. Our group work sessions address: Wellbeing, Transition to secondary school, Healthy Relationships, and  Motivation.

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Over 18’s
We give young adults aged 16- 30 opportunities to develop as leaders by meeting with career coaches as well as volunteering as a youth worker or mentor.

They may also volunteer in other operational or strategic work at Regenerate such as our Equity, Inclusion and Diversity working group or Communications team to contribute positively to the lives of young people growing up.

Youth support
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