Wandsworth Council Discretionary Support Grants

The scheme provides discretionary support to the most vulnerable Wandsworth residents who are experiencing hardship and crisis. Awards are made from a limited budget.

Discretionary Community Care Grant
Provides support by way of furniture (e.g. beds) and white goods (e.g. fridges).

To be eligible for an award from the Wandsworth Discretionary Social Fund you must:

Be aged 16 or over
Be in receipt of a qualifying out of work or disability benefit or be out of work and awaiting an initial decision on entitlement to a qualifying out of work or disability benefit (consideration could be given in exceptional circumstances to low income working households)
Not have access to any funds (including insurance) that can be relied on to meet the need they are applying for support and where they would be left with insufficient resources which would cause serious risk to their own, or their family’s health or safety
Not have already had two awards in any rolling 12-month period excepting in the case of a disaster
Not be a person subject to immigration control (excepting in the case of a "disaster")
Not be eligible for and have not claimed any Short-Term Advance of Benefit payment or similar from DWP, unless exceptional circumstances apply
Not have had your benefit entitlement suspended or sanctioned by the DWP, unless exceptional circumstances apply
Be ordinarily resident in the Borough of Wandsworth (and have lived in the Borough for six weeks prior to applying and are expected to be resident in the Borough after receipt of the award) or have been placed by us (under our homelessness duty) in temporary housing outside the Borough or, in the case of someone leaving prison or residential care, be about to move into the Borough of Wandsworth

Basic necessities (food/clothes)
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