#PatchworkDevon Totebag making

This 4-hour workshop will provide participants the materials, means, and companionship in reflecting, imagining and making. Over four hours on 21 January or two sessions on 23 and 30 January, 10:30-12:30, participants will design and assemble a patchwork bag and find inspiration from the exhibiting Quarantine Quilts.

Artists will support participants in bringing their ideas to life and creating a bag that can represent carrying the lessons from the pandemic period forward, and impacting the world with our values and aspirations.

Patchwork takes different fabrics and connects them, creating something beautiful and useful.

In a moment where our sense of our world seemed to be falling to pieces, many of us picked up the fragments via the activities of the Quarantine Quilt Project, and we could see our priorities.

In parallel, we individually recorded what we cared about. Individuals then entrusted these thoughts back to Significant Seams artists. With threads, empathy, and artistry, we then connected these insights into the artwork that is ‘The Quarantine Quilts,' which will be showing alongside this workshop.

#PatchworkDevon is a new project about carrying our priorities forward - together. Connectedness is ‘Way One’ of the 5 ways to Wellbeing. Connectedness invites creativity, playfulness, and inspires courage.

#PatchworkDevon is a programme of workshops and exhibitions, with supported travel subject to certain conditions,* to help us connect and make together.

Book Now - or read on for further information about our varied ticket types, and opportunities to support our work.

We aim to keep our workshops as accessible as possible, particularly for those vulnerable life moments when we find we have time but less means, and/or practical challenges for which a helping hand is most gratefully received. Direct bookings represent real costs to deliver a programme like this one on a per person basis, minus the tools and materials we already have. We would love potential sponsors or private supporters to get in touch to discuss further ways to support our work!

Sponsored (Free for participants) spaces are available for individuals referred or signposted by social prescribers, community connectors, and council services like Devon Carers. Our various partner workers and and agencies are provided codes to make these spaces available to thier clients.

A number of dedicated sessions for social prescribers, social workers, health workers, and community connectors are on offer to help these critical front line colleagues benefit from the wellbeing effects, and to understand and represent our programmes to their clients and patients: please contact us if you are in this category and not already receiving information from us.

Representatives of local craft, stitch, knit, art, and spinning groups are invited to register for a sponsored space: we'd love to empower you to share the project ideas and know-how with your makers group. A related pattern is available from our online shop at http://bit.ly/3VWJ1Pq

There can be poetry in syncronised motion. Significant Seams is about the connection, processing of the challenging, and joy that making meaningful connection bring. Keep your heart open and you will learn, and a new friend will almost certainly help you with that bit that goes wrong.









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