#PatchworkDevon Community Project Workshop: ToteBag Making

Patchwork takes different fabrics and connects them, creating something beautiful and useful. #PatchworkDevon is a new project about carrying our priorities forward – together. 

Award - winning arts & Mental Health social enterprise Significant Seams is now offering bookable workshops to make patchwork bags together, representative of the literal landscapes of Devon as well as our figurative aspirations for our shared future post-pandemic. 

A number of the workshops will be at locations where you can see the Quarantine Quilts in person.

In a moment where our sense of our world seemed to be falling to pieces, with the Quarantine Quilt Project Significant Seams helped people pick up the fragments, and see their priorities. 

In tandem people individually recorded what they cared about. 

Individuals then entrusted these thoughts back to Significant Seams artists. With threads, empathy, and artistry, they connected these insights into the artwork that is ‘The Quarantine Quilts.’

Significant Seams now have funding in place to enable a programme of forward-looking workshops in Barnstaple and Honiton. Participation is booked via eventbrite. There is a date in each area FREE for social prescribers, community connectors, front-line workers, especially those who might make referrals, and representatives of craft, sewing, and making social groups. Additionally, referring organisations can register to receive a code to make spaces available free for their referrals. Significant Seams also have funding to help qualifying individuals to access transport support to attend.

We very much welcome any social prescribers, community connectors, or representatives  of ‘making’ groups (FREE) on dedicated sessions:

Monday 16 January, Barnstaple Library 10:30-3:30 (Bring your own Lunch)



Monday 20 February, The Beehive, Honiton 10:30 -3:30 (Bring your own Lunch or buy from the cafe)


Additionally we welcome social prescription referrals to our further occurrences. 

Monday 23 & 30 January, Barnstaple Library 10:30-12:30 (2 session workshop) 


Saturday 21 January, Barnstaple Library 10:30 - 3:30 (Bring your Own Lunch)


Monday 27 Feb and 6 Mar, The BeehIve Honiton 10:30-12:30 (2 session workshop)


Thursday 2 Mar, The BeehIve Honiton 10:30 - 3:00 (Bring your Own Lunch & buy at the café)


Contact catherine@significantseams.org.uk with further queries, including to receive a code that makes free tickets appear with the booking, or for conversations about sponsoring workshops in a particular geographic area or for a particular group of people. We hope and expect further occurences to be scheduled.

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