Help for Parents/Carers of Young People Who Self-Harm

Are you a parent or carer looking to support a child or teen who self-harms?
Do you need Help & Support!

Perhaps you've reached out to your doctor, CAMHs or a healthcare professional to support your child's recovery but have a long wait for your child's first CAMHS appointment. You may have been told that your child's case isn't critical enough for CAMHS support.  Or you simply feel there is more you could do.

Through guiding hundreds of parents and carers to better support a young person suffering with mental health and self-harming issues, the Youth Mental Health Foundation 9YMHF) has created an online course for parents caring for a young person who self-harms. This online course, called The Horizon Plan, has over 725 users and the support of NHS Trusts, mental health charities and healthcare professionals, who refer parents to it as a free support resource.  

By providing preventative support for families at the earliest possible stage, we can help prevent escalation of mental health issues and support parents to help young people recover from mental health issues and reach their full potential, within the family unit.

By providing support for families where the young person has more developed mental health challenges, we can equip parents/carers to play an effective supportive role during long waits for or alongside professional support. 

Our clinical intervention has four key components:

Psychoeducation & skills training: 
Guiding parents/carers to support the recovery of a young person suffering with their mental health.

Parental self-care: 
Teaching parents how to care for their own mental and emotional health to best support their child.

Peer support: 
“A peer-support model is highly powerful in this area. Lived experience often speaks with more authority to people in crisis (and more generally suffering) than professional input, which can at times feel impersonal, invalidating, conflicted and can even be experienced as harmful in some instances.” - Dr D Starley 

Guidance to access support from statutory and non-statutory agencies:
Supporting parents/carers to draw down all support available to their child/teen.

About Us
The Youth Mental Health Foundation C.I.C. (YMHF) is a Devon based not-for-profit organisation that delivers innovative and scalable projects to support young people’s mental health. 

Origin Story
In 2015, Claire and Joel Sutton discovered their 11-year-old daughter Jade was suffering from anxiety, depression, an eating disorder and had been self-harming daily for two years. They recognised that alongside the professional help Jade was receiving, there was a valuable contribution they as parents could make to support Jade’s recovery and dedicated themselves to this role.

Today, Jade is a happy, healthy, and confident 18-year-old young woman. Jade, her parents, a systemic family therapist, a psychologist, a neuroscientist and a learning architect developed a clinical intervention called the Horizon Plan (HP), to guide other parents and carers to support a child suffering with mental health. 

Our Principles:

The YYMHF recognises: 1) the earlier a young person suffering with mental health receives support the better. The absence of early stage support often results in a deterioration of their condition and risks life-long issues 2) the extremely limited support available to young people in crisis 3) the role parents/carers can play supporting a young person's mental health with appropriate coaching and support.  


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