The service offers support to those who live alone, are aged 65+ and have no/little networks, family and friends.  We offer opportunities to engage with a trained volunteer who can visit them regularly in their own homes and assist with establishing (or re-establishing) social connections. For those clients who have been isolated for some time it’s really important to promote positive ageing, improve access to services and to assist them in accessing appropriate information.

Our volunteers come from a range of backgrounds, experiences and ages, ensuring a diverse volunteer base as well as an impressive range of skills!  We match volunteers to clients based on shared interests etc. and provide a safe and mutually beneficial relationship

The service is funded by Middlesbrough Borough Council as part of their response to the Government's proposal to improve care, support for older people and to tackle loneliness.

Service access criteria: 65+, Living in Middlesbrough
Connecting with others
Services for older people
Key words - separate with a comma: befriending